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  • The purpose of this championship is two-fold:
  • To select a senior team to possibly represent Karate South Africa (KSA) at the World Karate Federation Championships in France – dates to be confirmed (Instructors will be informed ASAP)
  • To select a full contact team to possibly compete in Japan – dates to be confirmed (Instructors will be informed ASAP)
  • To select a team for possible International participation
  • Venue. Durban University, West Campus, Durban.
  • Entry Fee. R150 per item entered. R300 per Unison Team. Contestant must choose 1 of the disciplines only, namely WKF, Traditional Karate or Full Contact to participate in. No contestant will be allowed to participate in more than 1 discipline.
  • Fees should be collected by the Province and then collectively deposited / transferred to KSA.
  • Banking Details. Karate South Africa ,First National Bank, Bellville Branch, Branch Code: 261 550 Account Number: 620 681 74558
  • Payments should be made by the Provinces only, please use province name as reference.
  • Closing Date for Entries. 21:00 on Saturday 11 August. (No late entries or payments will be accepted!!) Please return all entries on the attached electronic form, as well as proof of payment to Rudi Bruwer at or fax 086 656 9999 on or before the closing date.
  • Age. Age of the athletes will be calculated as the age on 13 October 2012.
  • Weigh-in. There will be no official weigh-in but spot checks may be done on the floor during the course of the championships.  Athletes found to be outside their weight category will be disqualified.
  • Opening, March-on & Trophy Presentation. Saturday 25 August 2012 at 08:00.
  • This is an official National event and only members from affiliated provinces may enter.


  1. Should any championship rules/arrangements be disregarded, the offending person/participant or spectator may be required to leave the championship
    venue immediately.
  2. Athletes take part at their own risk. No claim may be made against KSA or any of the officials officiating on the day of the championship.
  3. It is the responsibility of every instructor/Provincial Coach to explain the conditions/rules to each athlete and/or parent before entering the championship.
  4. Any athlete entered in an incorrect age or weight will be disqualified. Coaches must ensure that the correct information is submitted.
  5. Any athlete not reporting to his/her floor after 3 call-outs will be disqualified.
  6. WKF and KSA Full Contact rules will apply during the championship.
  7. Athletes that do not arrive or who are being disqualified will not be removed from the draw sheets, but will receive a Kiken and the draw sheets will not be adapted.

Coaches and Coaching

  1. Only the appointed coach (see par 6) from each club may coach an athlete whilst preparing for the event. Provinces may have more than one coach, providing that they adhere to the stipulations as set out in par 6.
  2. Only official tracksuits will be allowed to be worn during the championships.
  3. A coach may only enter the competition area when his/her athlete from his/her  Province is participating.
  4. The coach whilst busy coaching, must sit in the chair provided and must not interfere with the smooth running of the match by word or deed.
  5. No one will be allowed to coach if they have not attended a referee course during 2011 or 2012.
  6. Each province will be allowed 2 managers and 2 coaches per discipline.

Non-Combatant Members

  1. No non-combatant member will be allowed in the competition area. This could result in a participant being disqualified.
  2. No team managers are allowed in the competition area.
  3. If a dojo owner is not the coach, he/she is not allowed in the competition area.
  4. Athletes that are not busy competing will not be allowed in the competition area.

Tournament Administration

  1. No coach/team manager/parent or any other person will interfere with the duties of any Table Official, Chief Tournament Official, Referee or judge. Complaints can be lodged via the tournament director by the relevant team managers.
  2. No changes will be made to any draw sheet by any person other than the Chief Tournament Official.


All officials (referees/judges/table officials) must be dressed in a neutral dark blue/black blazer or KSA blazer. No club, style and/or SA colours will be allowed.


All provinces should assure that their regions have paid their affiliation fees for 2012. Provinces who’s regions have not paid will not be allowed to compete in the championships.


GPS Coordinates: -29.817897 & 28.942771

University Road, Westville, 3630

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